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Find your perfect trip!
Find your perfect trip!
Cycling Amsterdam to Bruges
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8 days
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Cycling E-Bikes
price in double room from: € 859
Cycling Amsterdam to Bruges

Cycling Amsterdam to Bruges

Crossing from the Netherlands into Belgium

  • A ride through Holland and down into Belgium on high-quality bike paths
  • Amsterdam with its world-famous canals and flower markets
  • Historic Dutch and Flemish towns: Gouda, Dordrecht, Willemstad, Vlissingen, Sluis, Damme and Bruges
  • A rural route full of windmills, tulip fields and nature reserves
Map route from Amsterdam to Bruges cycling
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Start: Amsterdam                      Finish: Bruges

Day 1: Arrival in Amsterdam
Day 2: Amsterdam - Gouda (80 km / 50 mi)
Day 3: Gouda - Papendrecht/Dordrecht (45 km / 28 mi)
Day 4: Papendrecht/Dordrecht – Willemstad (45 km / 28 mi)
Day 5: Willemstad – Schuddebeurs/Zierikzee (50 km / 31 mi)
Day 6: Schuddebeurs/Zierikzee – Middelburg/Vlissingen (53 km / 33 mi)
Day 7: Middelburg/Vlissingen – Brugge (50 km / 31 mi)
Day 8: Return home

Day 1:    Arrival in Amsterdam

Embark on a cycling holiday from amiable Amsterdam with its 400-year-old canal district and memorable museums like the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, Anne Frank. Stumble upon street artists and performers on the Dam, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein, and wander round the red-light district. This is a city overflowing with sights and sounds, so plan to get here early. Explore the elegant tree-lined canals, take photos of townhouses and walk the 17th-century canal ring, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 2:    Amsterdam - Gouda (80 km / 50 mi)

Set off from buzzing Amsterdam and plunge into the country’s peaceful green heartland, ‘het Groene Hart’. Cycle past low-lying polders and peat meadows, gliding across flat landscapes with grazing cows. Church spires and windmills dot the horizon and clouds are reflected in lakes and canals. Join centuries of visitors and flock to the market in Gouda where horses, cows, turf, seed, meat and cheese are sold. Revel in the Old Town’s yesteryear atmosphere and marvel at the market square, 15th-century town hall and Weighing House or ‘Waag’.

Challenge: 80 km / 50 mi. Option of splitting this route into two shorter rides. To do so, book an extra night in Woerden or cycle part way then take the train.

Day 3:    Gouda - Papendrecht/Dordrecht (45 km / 28 mi)

Get into the 'Green Heart of Holland' as you ride to Kinderdijk where 19 majestic windmills have stood the test of time since 1740. Formerly used to pump water out of low-lying polders and back into the River Lek, the mills provide curious visitors with insight first-hand. Dordrecht, one of Holland’s oldest towns, is entirely ‘hemmed in’ by rivers. Cruise across bridges into the colourful heart and harbour, virtually overflowing with monumental monuments and quaint corners. Your hotel in Papendrecht is just a ferry crossing away.

Challenge: 45 km / 28 mi

Day 4:    Papendrecht/Dordrecht – Willemstad (45 km / 28 mi)

A transforming 1421 flood created Biesbosch, nowadays one of few European freshwater-saltwater wetlands areas. Nurtured by both rivers and tides, this reserve offers a protected paradise for birds, with its labyrinth of brooks, reeds and tiny islands. Roll along at the edge of the National Park and end your day with a wander round Willemstad, an imposing star-shaped fortified town surrounded by a marvellous moat.

Challenge: 45 km / 28 mi

Day 5:    Willemstad – Schuddebeurs/Zierikzee (50 km / 31 mi)

Zoom into Zeeland, a land of light, wind, water and wide-open spaces. Drifting down toward Belgium, you criss-cross an island-scape of bridges, ferries and waterways, riding into fairy-tale settings. Tall townhouses on cobbled lanes, vast polders, picture-perfect farms, golden dunes and endless sand flats.

Challenge: 50 km / 31 mi

Day 6:    Schuddebeurs/Zierikzee – Middelburg/Vlissingen (53 km / 33 mi)

Wander back in time in pretty Zierikzee. Quaint village houses recall grand trading eras, when enormous ships laden with salt, wool, fish, grain and red dye sailed off to the Baltic and Mediterranean. Chance upon charming Veere, a wool-distributing centre way back in the 1500s and home to Scottish expats, and move onward to splendourous Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland and one of the Netherlands’ major trading towns in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Challenge: 53 km / 33 mi

Day 7:    Middelburg/Vlissingen – Brugge (50 km / 31 mi)

Set off for Vlissingen, where you catch the ferry to Zeelandic Flanders yet another sort of scenery, with meandering country lanes, pollard willows, remote villages and marshy meadows and scattered villages. Rolling over the border into Belgium, you make your way to Damme’s idyllic setting on the Damse Vaart. Now it’s just a short stretch to Bruges, the pearl of Flanders, a bewitching destination and popular tourist destination for the last 150 years. Its exquisitely preserved medieval centre exudes an ancient elegance, which hearkens back to the town’s vital role in the European wool and textile trade.

Important! The Vlissingen-Breskens ferry crossing must be reserved online in advance at https://www.westerscheldeferry.nl

Challenge: 50 km / 31 mi

Day 8:    Return home

Your self-guided cycling holiday comes to an end this morning after breakfast. Departure from Bruges.

Starting dates:

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in April, May and September 
Daily in June, July and August

Please note: a minimum stay of 2 nights in a row is required in the hotel in Amsterdam on the following dates:
April 8, 9, and 10, 2023
Apr 22, 2023
May 18, 2023
May 28 and 29, 2023

Price pp
Single room, breakfast   950.00
Double room, breakfast   740.00
Extra night (breakfast only) 70.00
Extra night breakfast only, Amsterdam 72.00
Surcharges per person
Stay in Amsterdam on Saturday   22.00
Stay in Amsterdam from:
08 Apr 2023 - 10 Apr 2023
22 Apr 2023 - 22 Apr 2023
18 May 2023 - 18 May 2023
28 May 2023 - 29 May 2023
Rental bike
Child bike   77.00
Hybrid   91.00
Ebike   189.00
Extra services
Child seat € 5.00 x 7 35.00
Bike theft insurance € 3.00 x 7 21.00
E-bike theft insurance € 6.00 x 7 42.00
Extra luggage € 5.00 x 7 35.00
Add on bike € 6.00 x 7 42.00
Child trailer € 17.50 x 7 122.50
Bike helmet per piece 10.00
GPS per piece 20.00

All hotels of this trip are carefully selected because of their location, atmosphere and/or unique services. All rooms are en-suite.
You can find the standard hotels of this trip. If a hotel is fully booked, then we will book a similar one for you and inform you about the alternative booked. 

Extra overnight:
You can book additional night(s) at any of the accommodations along the way.


Amsterdam: Westcord Art Hotel

This hotel is on the border of the Spaarndammer neighbourhood, which is known for its architecture. In the lobby you can find an original piece of Herman Brood. Every room has an 'art' item.


Gr8 Hotel Bodegraven *** (Bodegraven)
Gr8 Hotel Bodegraven *** (Bodegraven)
Postillion Hotel Dordrecht *** (Dordrecht)
Postillion Hotel Dordrecht *** (Dordrecht)
Willemstad: Hotel Mauritz.
Hotel Mauritz (Willemstad)
Hotel Schuddebeurs
Hotel Schuddebeurs (Schuddebeurs)

Close to the Maritime Museam and the cityhall. This hotel is located in the city centre of Noordgouwe.


Hotel Piccard **** (Vlissingen)
Hotel Piccard **** (Vlissingen)
Velotel **** (Brugge)

This modern hotel is located in the centre of Bruges with big, clean rooms. The hotel has an inviting lounge, a bar and a restaurant.



Starting dates:

Start on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 10 April and 3 May and between 4 September and 20 September

Daily start from 4 May till 30 August

The closest airport you can fly into is Amsterdam Schipol (AMS).

From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS), you can reach Amsterdam by train.


If you don’t bring your own, you can rent a bicycle from us. Our 24 gear touring bikes will be delivered to you at the start of your holiday and you must return them before you go home. All bikes are equipped with a chain lock and a repair kit. Hybrid and e-bikes also include a saddlebag.


      Chain lock                Saddlebag               Repair kit 

Hybrid bike

Our hybrid bikes have 21-gears with hand brakes. We will assign the bikes according to gender, as we have both men- and women style bikes.



Child bike

For children who are at least 125 cm, we can also arrange bikes (these are 24”or 26” for children that are bigger than 140 cm)



Fun-Trailer                                 Child trailer                          Child seat   





Tandem bikes are suitable for two adults only. The tandem bikes have a frame size of 48 cm. We mostly use the Victoria Spezial 8.7. This tandem bike comes with 24-derailleur gears or nuvinci gears. The height of the handle bars on a tandem bike cannot be adjusted.



E-bikes are always on request, as we have a limited amount of e-bikes available. Our e-bikes are unisex, have handbrakes and have ten gears. Our smallest e-bike has a frame size of 49 cm and is suitable for persons that are 155 cm (5ft1) or taller. 

GPS tracks are available on request.



  • 7 nights' accommodation with breakfasts
  • Luggage transport (1 piece per person, max. 20 kilos)
  • Map, tourist information and route descriptions in English
  • Maps, tourist information and route descriptions in English
  • 24-hour telephone assistance

Not Included

  • Transport to Amsterdam and back from Bruges
  • Ferry tickets are not included
  • GPS


  • Bike rental


"The accommodations were lovely and the route was quite easy to follow, what lovely scenery and villages we cycled through, such good times!. The trip was wonderful in almost all the aspects"

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