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Find your perfect trip!
Find your perfect trip!

GUIBO navigation App

GUIBO is the app that will enable you to follow your daily cycling or hiking routes in an easy and intuitive way.

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How to use the app?

Once your booking is confirmed and fully paid, we will send you the trip notes and credentials to access the trip on the navigation App.

  • Before downloading the travel app, pleasemake sure the language in the settings of yourphone is in ENGLISH.
  • If you have an Android, you also have to change“Text-to-speech output" : Preferred engine:speech services by Google and language: English.
  • Download the free “GUIBO” app from theiTunes App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the just downloaded app.

Practical information

With this download, you will have access to three different typesof information:

  1. TOUR ITINERARY: which includes the map with your itinerary andyour routes
  2. THINGS TO KNOW : which includes all practical information suchas emergency numbers, travel info, bike rental, tips for your self-guided cycling holidays...
  3. SERVICE : with technical support, FAQ...

Now all you have to do is follow the route and enjoy yourself without any worries.


The essentials to take with you

  • A fully charged smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad or Android).
  • The "GUIBO" travel app.
  • The code to unlock your trip.
  • A fully charged external battery (power bank).
  • A waterproof smartphone holder

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