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Camino de Santiago
Find your perfect trip!
Find your perfect trip!

Our European Camino Tours

We’re often asked, what makes your Camino tours so special?

Well, it’s all about how S-Cape Travel create the perfect trip, with the care and attention to detail only gained after nearly 30 years of dedication.

Travel with us, and we’ve picked family run accommodation we’ve worked with for years. We manage our own luggage transfer with our own vans or very trusted partners. Our multi-lingual team is on hand 24/7 to get you out of any sticky spots, on the rare occasion you encounter any. Being local, we tend to solve problems on the ground, before you’ve even noticed them!



Every Camino way provides a unique encounter. Although the Camino Francés is the most famous and crowded route, you may opt for the verdant Camino del Norte, which follows the Atlantic coastline, or the ancient Camino Primitivo, which is more hilly, rustic, and unspoiled. If you want a shorter Camino experience, the Camino Lebaniego is a good choice. 

For those intending to take the popular Camino Francés, spring and autumn are the best favorable months.  Alternatively, if you opt for a northern route, characterized by lower temperatures, summer can also be a suitable time to undertake the Camino. 

All pilgrims agree on that, the most beautiful Camino is Camino del Norte, which runs along the Atlantic coast, in Northern Spain. Anticipate encountering dozens of beaches, cliffs and lush meadows where where cows leisurely graze by the azure waters. Apart from the breathtaking landscapes, you will traverse diverse cultural regions, each showcasing its own unique architecture, customs, and culinary delights. 

The entire Camino Francés main route, stretching from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela is approximately 780 km long. However, the Camino de Santiago is a remarkable network of trails, each with its own distance, scenery and characteristics. Here are some of the main ones: 

  • Camino Francés - 780 km 
  • Via Podiensis (France) - 750 km 
  • Camino del Norte – 825 km 
  • Camino Primitivo – 290 km 
  • Camino Lebaniego – 72 km 
  • Camino Sanabrés - 369 km 
  • Camino Portugués - 613 km 

The Via Francigena is an age-old pathway that has long been the primary route to Rome during the Medieval era. It has been traversed by pilgrims making their way to the sites where the apostles were martyred, as well as by traders, warriors, and prominent figures within the realms of art and culture. Starting from the north of Italy, this route takes you through stunning Italian scenery, offering the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and historical legacy. 

According to experienced Camino hikers, it is recommended to limit the weight of your backpack to no more than 10% of your own body weight. Initially, you will pack what you believe is necessary, but then you will have to put in some effort to eliminate unnecessary items and reduce the weight of your bag. 
If you choose to travel with a travel company like S-Cape Travel, your belongings will be transported between accommodations, allowing you to only carry a small bag containing snacks, water, and other lightweight items. 

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