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Find your perfect trip!

Terms & Conditions

All bookings made through this S-Cape website are accepted in accordance with the S-Cape Terms & Conditions set out in this document.

S-CAPE TRAVEL is a trade name of the S-Cape Travel Group, with affiliate companies (offices) in Spain, Greece, Italy, France, The Netherlands and United Kingdom. All bookings for S-Cape Travel Spain will be managed by the Spanish office. 

S-CAPE TRAVEL is registered as a travel agency and tour operator, based in Spain under the legal name of S-Cape Countryside Travels SL, registered at Sotres s/n, 33554 Cabrales (Asturias) with Licence Number: AV-101-AS. Fiscal ID number (CIF): B74039066. Register nº 1/2007/10.965,0/80/8293 in the Asturias Chamber of Commerce. 

Tour price

Our tour prices are based on rates and service prices applicable at the time of booking. In the unlikely event of unforeseen price increases, S-Cape Travel has the right to alter the prices and will notify you immediately of the reason for such changes.

You then have the right to cancel your tour booking if the tour price is altered by more than 10%. S-Cape Travel must be notified of the cancellation in writing within two working days.

Tour prices cannot, under any circumstances, be altered less than 20 days before departure.


By submitting your booking form through this website, you are offering S-Cape Travel the conclusion of a travel agreement in a binding way.

Any other reservation, including a reservation by telephone, as well as any other written reservation sent to S-Cape Travel or any of its associated offices, is also binding.

With this reservation you accept responsibility for both yourself and your travel companions and accept the following travel conditions both in your own name and on behalf of the other participants.   

Participants/travellers must be at least 18 years of age in order to book. Minors require (written) authorisation from a parent or guardian.

Travel agreement

Once S-Cape Travel or any of its associated offices accepts the contract by sending out the booking confirmation or invoice, the travel agreement is to be considered concluded.

Payment conditions

On receipt of your booking confirmation or invoice, a deposit of 20% of the total tour cost is required. The full tour cost must be paid to S-Cape Countryside Travels SL at least 45 days prior to departure.

In the event the full tour cost has not been paid by the above deadline, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the relevant contract and charge the appropriate cancellation fees. For bookings made less than 45 days before the departure date, full payment is due at the time of booking.

NOTE: for last minute booking (made within 60 days before the start of the tour) a deposit of 20% is ALWAYS required in order to proces the booking.

  • In case S-Cape Travel can confirm this last minute booking (either with all standard services OR alternative ones that imply a supplement of máximum 10% of the total cost of the tour), this amount will not be reimbursed if the customer decides to cancel   
  • In case S-Cape Travel cannot confirm the last minute booking OR the confirmation implies extra costs of more then 10% of the total tour price, the deposit will be returned to the customer.

 We accept payment by bank transfer or credit card (VISA and MASTERCARD).

  Credit Card images

If you prefer payment by credit card, we will send you a link to a safe payment platform    

Cancellation by the client

If you have to cancel your trip for any reason whatsoever, the following cancellation fees are applicable:

•   cancellations from 60 to 30 days before departure date: 20% of the tour cost;

•   cancellations from 29 to 15 days  before departure date: 40% of the tour cost;

•   cancellations from 14 to 9 days before departure date: 60% of the tour cost;

•   cancellations from 8 to 2 days before departure date: 80% of the tour cost;

•   cancellations within 2 days of intended departure date: 100% of the tour cost.

To cancel your trip you must notify our office in writing. Note: we highly recommend purchasing sufficient cancellation insurance. 

Cancellation by S-Cape Travel 

S-Cape Countryside Travels SL reserves the right to cancel a group tour, in cases where the necessary minimum number of participants, as specified on the website, has not been reached. Participants will be notified of such cancellation in writing at least 30 days from departure.  


If you cannot travel as planned, you have the right to send someone in your place, provided that S-Cape Countryside Travels SL is notified within 4 days of the departure date. S-Cape Countryside Travels SL can object to the above replacement if the replacement does not satisfy the requirements for participants. In such cases, cancellation conditions will apply.

The original contract is not affected by replacement, but any resulting additional costs will be charged to the client. S-Cape Countryside Travels SL is not responsible for any possible non-acceptance of the above replacement by any other organizers or agents involved with the tour. 

Alterations by the client

If you wish to change the departure date or destination of the tour you have booked, we are generally faced with additional costs, just as with cancellations. Such alterations are therefore treated as cancellations. In cases where the alterations do not change the departure date or destination, an administrative fee of 35 euros will apply. No changes may be made less than 21 days before departure and cancellation fees will apply.

Alterations by S-Cape Travel 

You may cancel your booking without cancellation charges, if the tour booked is materially altered in any case other than abnormal circumstances. This is when:

  • the cost of the tour is increased by more than 10%
  • the date of departure is altered by more than 2 days

S-cape Countryside Travels SL must be notified of such cancellations in writing within two working days. The period of two working days starts from the moment the client is notified by the organizers about the type and extent of tour alterations. No response to the organizers' notification is taken as confirmation and acceptance of the tour alterations by the client. 

Provision of alternative possibilities

When, at the time of departure or thereafter, an important element of the tour is unavailable (for example: transport for continuation of the tour), S-Cape Countryside Travels SL will, wherever possible, endeavour to provide alternatives at no extra cost so that the tour may continue. In cases where such an alternative possibility does not exist or is rejected by the client for a good, understandable reason, S-Cape Countryside Travels SL will, if necessary, organize, without additional cost, either the return journey or transport to another destination, provided that seats are available on the contemplated means of transportation.

Where none of the above possibilities exists, S-Cape Countryside Travels SL will compensate the client for the reduced offer by providing a voucher for an adequate replacement offer of the same value as the uncompleted part of the tour.

Liability and Limitation of Liability

The liability of S-Cape Countryside Travels SL, in the capacity of tour organizer, in cases of damage or injury, is regulated by the international agreements listed below. Such liability can in no case exceed the limits laid down in the international agreements and regulations.

S-Cape Countryside Travels SL is also covered by the liability insurance policy issued by AXA Seguros, in compliance with Article 8 of the legal decree 60/2007 of May 24th, 2007. 

S-Cape Countryside Travels SL can under no circumstances be held responsible for damage caused by a client's unauthorized action, or damage caused by third parties, natural disasters or occurrences over which S-Cape Countryside Travels SL has no influence (including strikes, timetable alterations, etc.).

S-Cape Countryside Travels SL is, within the framework of a company's duty to exercise due care, only responsible for conscientious travel preparations, careful selection and supervision of service providers, the correctness of service descriptions and the contractually correct provision of services. S-Cape Countryside Travels SL is not liable for non-performance by the individual service providers.

Limits on Responsibility

S-Cape Countryside Travels SL, its employees, shareholders, officers, directors, successors, agents and assignees (collectively Spanish Bike Tours), does not own or operate any entity which is to be provided or does provide goods or services for your trip. It purchases transportation (by aircraft, coach, train, vessel or otherwise), hotel and other accommodation, restaurant, ground handling and other services from various independent suppliers (including from time to time other affiliated S-cape Countryside Travels SL companies). All such persons and entities are independent contractors. As a result, S-Cape Countryside Travels SL is not liable for any negligent or wilful act of any such person or entity or of any third party.

S-Cape Travel is concerned about client safety and we go to great lengths to provide correct, detailed and up-to-date information in our route descriptions. However self-guided walking / cycling has some inherent risks and your safety can depend on your alertness and judgement.We urge you use both the information given in our route descriptions and common sense.

In addition and without limitation, S-Cape Countryside Travels SL is not responsible for any injury, loss, death, inconvenience, delay or damage to personal property in connection with the provision of any goods or services, whether resulting from but not limited to acts of God or force majeure, illness, disease, acts of war, civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, animals, strikes or other labour activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, overbooking or downgrading of services, food poisoning, mechanical or other failure of aircraft or other means of transportation or for failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time.

There are certain inherent risks in travel of this type. These include, but are not limited to, risks of cycling, hiking, swimming, walking and -on all trips- danger of animals, inaccessibility of medical attention and difficulty in evacuation in the case of a medical emergency. Passengers assume all such risks with regard to these possibilities. By embarking upon his/her trip, the traveller voluntarily assumes all risks involved in such travel, whether expected or unexpected. By signing our terms and conditions you agree with all these limits on responsibility in a S-cape's self-guided trip.

Fit enough to participate

Any S-Cape Travel experience can be greatly rewarding for those who are well prepared. Make sure that you are fit and healthy before going on one of our trips. Carefully read our information on the level of difficulty of the tour and, when in doubt, do not hesitate to consult one of our trip advisors.

Insurance, Passport & Visa

Make sure that you are adequately insured (including medical, personal accident and repatriation costs) with full travel insurance. A valid passport is required for all EC-residents. Non-EC residents should check their visa requirements with their consulate.

S-Cape Countriside Travels SL will not cover any expenses derived from the lack of a insurance on the part of the traveller

Guarantee Fund 

S-cape Countryside Travels SL is covered by the surety insurance with an insurance policy issued by AXA Seguros, in compliance with the legal provisions set by Article 7 of the legal decree 60/2007 of May 24th, 2007 that rules the Tourism Intermediation Companies. Article 21 of legal decree nr. 111 of March 17th, 1995, provides for a guarantee fund.  

Complaints and Arbitration

In cases where the client considers that booked services and actually delivered services differ, it is the client's duty to immediately bring such discrepancy to the attention of the local service provider (hotel, tour leader, etc.), who will clear up the matter or, where this is impossible, provide the client with a statement as to the circumstances and details of the occurrence. This statement, together with the client's written complaint, must be forwarded to S-cape Countryside Travels SL.

Any complaint must immediately be brought to the attention of the local service provider as well as to S-Cape Countryside Travels SL or the relevant travel agent. A written complaint must also be received by S-Cape Countryside Travels SL within 10 days of the event, for any refund to be considered.

According to the legal decree 60/2007 of May 24th, 2007 that rules the Tourism Intermediation Companies in the Principality of Asturias, digital claim forms are available to customers at: https://tramita.asturias.es/sta/CarpetaPublic/doEvent?APP_CODE=STA&PAGE_CODE=CATALOGO&DETALLE=6269000001646574799500

Any dispute resulting from this contract is subject to the judicial authority of the Principality of Asturias (Spain). Where both parties agree, disputes may also be settled through a court of arbitration. This court shall consist of as many arbitrators as there are litigants plus an arbitrator, chosen by the arbitrators, to serve as president.

This court of arbitration, which has its seat at the seat of the travel organizer, will attempt to decide through arbitration.

Applicable Right

The travel agreement is regulated by the above travel conditions and the Tourism Law 7/2001 form March 7th, 2001 of the Principality of Asturias as well as by the Article 7 of the legal Decree 60/2007 of May 24th, 2007 that rules the Tourism Intermediation Companies. Also regulated by the European Travel Directive 90/314/EEC, implemented by the Legislative Decree no. 111 of 17th March 1995 and the International Convention on Travel Contracts signed in Brussels on April 23rd, 1970, enforced by the Law nr. 1084 of December 29th, 1977.


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