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Find your perfect trip!
Find your perfect trip!

What is a self-guided trip?

A self-guided program is an adventure “under control”, where the logistics are covered by experts and YOU are the main player of your adventure, as you decide when, how and with whom you will travel.   


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A self-guided tour gives you the chance to explore a destination at your own pace, on foot or by bike, while having all the necessary tools and information beforehand to enjoy the area. For each trip, you will receive detailed route notes, places of interest and access to a navigation app. We will also take care of the accommodation and luggage transport.  

At S-Cape Travel our main concern is customer satisfaction and we strive to offer high quality tours and memorable experiences.  We design our own tour packages, planning every detail from start to finish. We hike or cycle every route, in order to provide detailed route notes which are available in booklets or in digital format. We select and visit each accommodation in person, checking their quality of service.   

The key to these tours is that they save you time in preparing for your holiday, while allowing you total freedom of action


  • avoid posible eventualities 
  • save time on the preparations 
  • take your own pace  

What does a self-guided tour include?  

Our self-guided tour packages include:   

  • accommodation in private en-suite rooms
  • luggage transport between accommodations 
  • detailed route notes 
  • 24 hour telephone assistance in case of an emergency 
  • possibility of renting bikes on the cycling tours
  • access to routes through a navigation app, an easy and intuitive way to follow the tracks

How do we design our hiking and cycling packages?

At S-cape, we create our packages ourselves, taking care of every detail from start to finish. We personally traverse the routes, meticulously documenting them in the materials provided to each client at the beginning of the program, and converting the tracks into digital formats easily usable in programs like View Ranger. We also personally visit the hotels and verify the quality of their services.

We choose the best routes  

For each destination, we choose the most spectacular routes, breath-taking landscapes which will amaze you without any unnecessary risks. We try to avoid big crowds and follow quiet, less-frequented routes. For cycling routes we select quiet roads with little traffic.  

Our route notes cover every detail (each crossing, detour, route reference, sign, partial and total distances, location of springs, etc…) and are accompanied by acces to he trip on a navigation app. A first-hand experience that we share with the self-guided traveller. 


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Can you become a fan of our self-guided trips?

- S-Cape partners website (17) Do you prefer to travel alone or with friends and family, rather than in a group?
- S-Cape partners website (17) Do you like to be free on holiday, without having a guide telling you what to do?
- S-Cape partners website (17) Do you avoid tight schedules and being in a rush?
- S-Cape partners website (17) Do you love to hike or cycle?
- S-Cape partners website (17) Do you enjoy being out in nature?
- S-Cape partners website (17) Would the quality of accommodation be a factor in choosing your holiday? 
- S-Cape partners website (17) Would you like to save time on preparing your next trip?  


If your answer to these questions was YES ….. then welcome to the world of S-Cape Travel self-guided tours! 

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