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Protection measures for travelling in times of Coronavirus


Our travel agency is currently operating following the guidelines and recommendations from the World Health Organisation to minimise the risk of infection by Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the sub-sector of the Travel Agencies. For this purpose, we have elaborated a complete Contingency Plan.

Despite the Coronavirus, we want you to ENJOY your holidays, but at the same time we want ensure your own SAFETY and safety for others. We would like you to know the AUTOPROTECTIVE MEASURES that you must take, and we ask you to respect the legal regulations from each country to minimise the risk of infection with COVID during your voyage.

Therefore, if you decide to travel with S-cape, we ask you to be aware of these subjects:

  • Remember to be responsible and respect the rules that each establishment and transport has in each country, including at least the social distance and the use of a mask in public places in some countries.
  • Take your time to gather all the information about the current measures that are being taken in each country and area before traveling. We will help you in anything you may need and, of course, we will be at your disposal at our customer service telephone line (24h/365 days) during your voyage.
  • Since S-cape Travel only works with tourism providers which are authorised, we rely on their responsibility of implementing the compulsory measures that the Official Rules of each government have decided on their (hospitality, transport…)
  • If you have any symptoms of COVID during your voyage, you must call 112 immediately and stay in the bedroom waiting for instructions, they will inform you about what to do exactly. You should also get in touch with our office via telephone so we can provide help via phone, although we will not be responsible in any way of the possible infection.
  • With the current uncertainty situation, we want to assure you flexibility in the booking and cancelation conditions of our programmes.




Flexible cancellation

Check also our flexible cancellation policy


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