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S-cape Travel Italy staff
Find your perfect trip!
Find your perfect trip!
Pier Giovanni Martini S-Cape Travel Italy

Pier Giovanni Martini

Tour Operating , S-Cape Travel Italy

Hi, my name is Pier Giovanni, Florentine-born and raised; I started working at S-cape about 10 years ago, I take care of bookings and price calculation.

My favorite city in the world is Stockholm, I truly love that place and its people.

I don’t really have a favorite holiday, as long as there’s countryside, peacefulness and great food!

I hope I can travel to Northern England and the Scottish Highlands soon.

My dream trip is to fly to New Zealand, it would be great a discover a country so far from home!

To plan a trip is not my strong suit, I usually work on my suitcase at midnight the night before departure, i just need my ID and my ATM card!

When I am not working, I like going to the gym and driving around without having a destination in the Tuscan countryside; but I also love to settle down on my wonderful couch, enjoying old movie and crime TV series.

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