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Hiking in Dolomitas
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Hiking the Dolomites



Summer is an ideal time to connect with nature and engage in hiking, discovering new landscapes and cultures. If you're a lover of these activities, the Dolomites are a captivating destination in every corner you explore. 


Welcome to the Dolomites!

The Dolomites are a group of mountain ranges in the eastern Italian Alps, south of the main Alpine chain. They extend mainly across the regions of Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, and Friuli Venezia Giulia, encompassing 5 provinces: Belluno, Bolzano, Trento, Udine, and Pordenone.

It is one of the most recognized natural and tourist areas in the Alps, hosting a national park, various nature reserves, and 116 peaks exceeding 3000 meters in altitude. In winter, it's a paradise for skiing, while in summer, it's ideal for hiking and climbing. It's also a privileged area for road cycling enthusiasts who train to conquer the steepest gradients. Regular public transportation reaches all valleys and villages, and an extensive network of refuges and hostels connected by hundreds of well-signposted trails allows for any imaginable route.

The beauty of this mountain range is such that the Dolomites were named a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site on June 26, 2009.

Numerous individuals from various artistic disciplines have expressed their admiration for this natural space. According to Reinhold Messner,a well-known mountaineer, they are "the most beautiful mountains in the world". Another admirer was Le Corbusier, famous architect of the 20th century, who described this mountainous ensemble as "the most beautiful architectural work in the world."




Alto Adige

In the High Dolomites, you'll find the Fanes - Sennes and Braies Nature Reserve, an area covering approximately 25,453 hectares with a unique charm, and the only area in Italy where German is spoken.

Starting your adventure at Platzwiese, you can traverse the reserve to San Vigilio over several days, staying in refuges along the way. We recommend this route for those who want to explore the area between with a real mountain experience.

In this environment, you can enjoy authentic natural wonders such as the Drei Zinnen. Over the years, the Drei Zinnen has become one of the most famous and recognized locations in the Dolomites. Surrounding it, you'll find streams and lakes like Lake Misurina, which is located at 1.754 meters above sea level.



North face of Drei Zinnen in Dolomites


Due to the large number of hikers who come each year to explore the trails of the High Dolomites, the area boasts well-equipped refuges like the Sennes and Fanes huts, providing a perfect place to rest and recharge after a hike. Here, you can share experiences and good times with fellow travelers who also stay there.

From these refuges, you can access Monte Castello, Pederü, the peak L’Caival (which may pose some difficulties on stormy days), or Ju de Sant Antone.


The Dolomites of Val Badia

Another hiking area worth highlighting is Val Badia, a genuine natural reserve consisting of dreamy meadows with a wide variety of flora and wildlife. Orchids, lilies, aconites, as well as charming marmots and chamois, allow travelers to disconnect during their stay.

Val Badia is also the cradle of Ladin culture and language, a Rhaeto-Romanic language of which the inhabitants of Colfosco, Corvara, La Villa, San Cassiano, or La Valle are particularly proud.

In La Valle, we establish our "base camp" for some of the hiking routes in the Dolomites that we offer at S-cape Travel. Its geographical location (at the foot of Mount Sasso della Croce) makes it another perfect starting point for magnificent hiking days around the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park, which includes, among other visits and ascents, Wengental, Gadertal and Groppa, Mount Paresberg, or the Kreuzkofelwand wall.


Refugio-de-Fanes-en-Dolomitas ruta-senderista-en-dolomitas 


The surroundings of La Valle also offer great opportunities for art lovers, as at any moment, you may come across parish churches along the routes adorned with predominant Baroque frescoes.

What better pleasure at the end of a hiking trail than to replenish your energy by trying the gastronomic delights of the region? In the Dolomites, you can savor excellent cheeses and wines, such as the Lagrein from Alto Adige or more classic varieties like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. There's also the famous 'Speck', a cured ham that reigns among the various gastronomic products that characterize the Dolomites.

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