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The freedom and safety of solo travelling

Solo travelers often claim that traveling is perhaps one of the most profound forms of self-discovery. Despite the potential fears and inconveniences that may arise, they frequently define the adventure as one of the most fulfilling experiences of their lives.

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the sales of single tickets, with a significant percentage of these solo travelers being women. This is a remarkable statistic compared to men, who seem to feel more apprehensive about embarking on such journeys alone.

One of the notable attractions of this type of adventure for solo travelers is that, unlike when traveling in a group where the focus is often on exploring places rather than meeting people, traveling alone offers the opportunity to meet new individuals and even establish deeper connections with those encountered along the way.



Laura, who is 35 years old, has been a customer of ours on several occasions and has traveled alone to various places. She is one of those people who enjoy traveling solo around the world. We chatted with her for a while, and this is what she told us about her personal experience.

· Have you traveled alone for a long time?

I have taken different trips of various types. At first, they were shorter due to fears and prejudices about traveling alone, but as I did more, I extended the duration of these trips and gained much more confidence.

· Which trips have you liked the most from those you have taken?

I have been in the north of Spain hiking, specifically on a trip along the Northern Way, where I was able to enjoy incredible landscapes. Also, on another trip, I dared to go cycling through France on the Canal du Midi, which I remember as a very pleasant and peaceful journey.

· Did you have any fears or prejudices before traveling alone?

Yes, I always thought I would be more in danger or have more problems because I am a woman traveling alone, especially on nature trips. I also thought I would feel uncomfortable being alone or that I would feel overwhelmed by that solitude. But they turned out to be some of the best trips personally.

· Did those fears come true? How did you overcome them?

At the beginning of these trips, yes, I felt more uncomfortable or full of fears, but it only lasted the first day. Then I adapted quickly, and as more trips arose, that discomfort turned into much comfort. I realized it was all in my head. I overcame it simply by letting myself go and trying every day to gradually break free from those fears, and they turned out to be the best trips personally.

· Have you found yourself in any unexpected dangerous situations or problems? How did you solve them?

Honestly, I haven't gone to places considered dangerous, or I avoid areas where I might feel unsafe. In general, Europe is a safe place to travel alone, it's very rare to encounter any inconvenience along the way.

· What positive experiences have you encountered while traveling alone?

I draw many positive conclusions from these experiences. One of them is that traveling this way has the advantage that I always decide where I want to go based on how I feel or what I fancy that day. Another reason is that when I return, I come back much more mentally refreshed than when I travel with more people. I use it as a time to be with myself and be calm, without distractions from my daily life.

· What do you think about people who believe that a woman should not travel alone?

I think ultimately it's people who have the same fears I had previously in their heads, and they're just prejudices. I understand that there are certain countries outside of Europe where you have to be more cautious and simply use common sense and logic.

· Would you recommend women to travel alone?

Of course, I think it's very comforting and brings many good things to your life and your mental health. They should go with what they feel like and disregard any external opinion that they feel represses their freedom simply out of fear from others.

· If so, would you give them any advice?

That they travel with tranquility, get rid of fears, and when choosing a destination or traveling, use common sense and logic.


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