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Anillo Vindio
Find your perfect trip!
Find your perfect trip!

Anillo Vindio Trekking

The Anillo Vindio Trekking is one of the most incredible hiking routes in the Picos de Europa. This circular trek takes you through stunning landscapes, from high mountain pastures and beech forests to canyons and spectacular rock formations.

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The route is a real adventure, but the views and the opportunity to see local wildlife such as chamois and birds of prey make the effort worthwhile. Along the way, welcoming mountain refuges offer a place to rest and share experiences with other hikers.

Very popular in summer, the Anillo Vindio Trekking is ideal for those seeking adventure and natural beauty. September is a good month to avoid the crowds and enjoy good weather. Prepare well and bring the right equipment to make the most of this exciting trek in the Picos de Europa.

The Anillo Vindio Trekking covers a large part of the Western Massif, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the incredible mix of mountains and deep valleys that this region has to offer!

Our experts at S-Cape Travel, Ángel and Álvaro, know this Anillo Vindio Trek in the Picos de Europa very well. They have traversed these rocky trails, ventured through forests, and overcome the slopes.

From the mountain refuges to the highest peaks, they have experienced all aspects of this impressive trek. We talked with them, and they shared curiosities and important information about this incredible trek.



- Hello guys, thank you so much for sharing this experience with us to give our clients a better understanding of this trek that they are enjoying so much. Let's start with a simple question: Ángel, what do you think of the route? Easy? Difficult?
It's a trip that has several routes, a couple of them with some physical difficulty (from Vegarredonda to Vegabaño, and the ascent to Vega de Ario through the Canal de Trea), the first because it's a very long route and you walk around 2000m in height, and the second because it's an ascent through a steep channel. That's why we rated it 5 on the website.

- And Álvaro, did you find it difficult?
It's one of our toughest trips, so some preparation is necessary to undertake this journey. This is one of our most demanding trips. The route to Vega de Ario is especially tough due to its steep slope, which can make it quite long if you're not used to mountain hiking. So, I think some preparation is necessary to undertake this trip.



- Do you consider the paths you travel on to be dangerous?
Ángel: The mountains always have their risks, and the Picos de Europa, with its many chasms, "hous," and rugged terrain, can be dangerous, especially when fog sets in. But if you follow certain measures, like walking accompanied or notifying someone of your location, having a phone/GPS with a charged battery, carrying plenty of water, wearing appropriate clothing, and checking the weather forecast, these risks are greatly minimized, and you can truly start to enjoy the mountains.

Álvaro: As Ángel rightly says, all mountain routes carry some danger, especially in the Picos de Europa where the weather can change rapidly. It's important to be well-informed about the weather conditions before starting each day, and to notify someone of the route you'll be taking.

- Are potable water sources easily found during the trek?
Ángel: The Picos de Europa massif is made of limestone, which is very porous and retains water poorly, so it's difficult to find sources in the high areas. However, each refuge has sources, and in the lower areas, water is usually plentiful. Therefore, we recommend carrying plenty of water (at least 1.5 liters per person per day).

Álvaro: That's right, there is water at all the refuges, so it's advisable to carry enough water for the route, as you won't always find sources along the way.


Vegarredonda - Vegabaño msity day 


- Do you think it's necessary to be well-equipped for this route? What would be essential?
Ángel: Yes, being a high mountain route, you need to be prepared for weather changes. The weather in the Picos de Europa is very changeable; within minutes, you can go from a sunny day to a sharp drop in temperature. Therefore, it's necessary to carry warm clothing, as well as sun protection. For warm clothing, you can follow the three-layer rule: an inner layer to wick moisture away (like a breathable shirt), a middle layer to retain heat (like a fleece), and an outer layer to protect you from the elements (like a windbreaker). Also, good quality mountain boots, GPS, enough water and energy food, a headlamp, and trekking poles (optional but recommended).

Álvaro: Yes, the weather in the Picos de Europa is very changeable; within minutes, you can go from a sunny day to a sharp drop in temperature. So, as Ángel pointed out, all those accessories and clothing are essential when going out into the mountains, without a doubt.

- What would you highlight about the landscapes you encounter? Are they very varied?
Ángel: Yes, being a trip with routes at different heights, you pass through high mountain pastures, rugged limestone areas, beech forests (you go through a beech forest protected by UNESCO as a place of high natural value), low valleys, river areas, and canyons (the Cares gorge).

Álvaro: The landscapes are very varied, as Ángel says. From green valleys to rocky peaks, the diversity of the terrain offers a visually stunning and constantly changing experience.

- How is the stay in the refuges?
Ángel: The atmosphere in the refuges is wonderful; everyone arrives after a hike, and you can feel it in the mood. You dine in groups and often make friends. The services are usually basic (bunk beds and a bathroom), but the dinners are usually excellent (special mention to the kitchen at the Vegabaño and Vega de Ario refuges).

Álvaro: In my case, it was the first time I slept in a refuge, and it was a very good experience. You dine and have breakfast with other hikers, sharing stories of each day, from which you can always learn positive things.


Poncebos -Vega de Ario at night 


- Is it a route with a lot of people?
Ángel: The Anillo Vindio Trekking and the Picos rings in general are quite popular. In July and August, it's hard to find accommodation, and you do see a lot of people. For me, the best month is September; there are far fewer people, the weather is usually good, and it doesn't usually rain much.

Álvaro: I think it has a bit of everything. There are areas like the Cares Route that are crowded in the summer months like July and August, and other areas like the channels where there are far fewer people.

- Do you make any transfers during this trek?
Ángel: This trip has a fairly low carbon footprint. To access the Lakes, the start of the first route, you'll take a public bus. There's only one transfer on one stretch to reach Caín, avoiding walking on the road, but the rest of the trip avoids motorized transport and fuel consumption.

A note on waste: remember that the trip takes place in a National Park; you must carry all the trash you generate and take it out of the Park when you reach Cordiñanes or at the end of the trip.

- What do you like most about this route?
Ángel: For me, the feeling of grandeur that comes from feeling you're completely circling a massif, arriving at a refuge and having a hot meal, the people you meet along the way, the chamois that accompany you in the high areas, the beauty of the Picos...

Álvaro: For me, besides the stunning landscapes, one of the things I enjoyed most about the trip was the feeling of completely disconnecting from everything. In our daily lives, we're constantly surrounded by stimuli: city noise, work obligations, social media... On this trip, you feel like you're living in a parallel world.


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After talking with our experts, surely many of you are eager to try this impressive trek in the Picos de Europa. The passion and knowledge they've shared have left us wanting to grab our backpacks and start exploring. If you feel inspired and want more information about this route, we leave you with the following link to further your knowledge about this trip.

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