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Angel's experience in Cabo de Gata

Welcome to our bicycle travel blog! Today, we present the story of our companion Ángel, who recently returned from an exciting bicycle trip to Cabo de Gata. In this interview, Ángel shares his experiences and tips for those looking to embark on a similar bicycle journey. Keep reading to learn more about his trip and his advice!



When did you go on the trip and what places did you visit?

I started the route in the city of Almería at the beginning of April (a great time in terms of temperature, sunshine, and longer days). From there, I followed the coast until entering the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. I rode along the sea, passing through volcanoes, rugged coastlines, and beautiful beaches, and continued to San José, one of the main towns in the area. I pedaled through Rodalquilar and Las Negras, and finally, six days later, I arrived in Agua Amarga.


Do you think the trip requires any preparation beforehand?

The routes are not too long, and the area is pleasant for cycling. However, it would be advisable to ride the bike for a couple of hours, two days a week, in the weeks leading up to the trip to get your body accustomed to the exercise. This way, you can avoid muscle soreness and pain in the first few days.



What kind of equipment is necessary for a self-guided cycling trip?

You'll need a bicycle that suits your needs. In this case, I used a hybrid Giant bike with 28-inch wheels, which allowed me to ride well on both roads and trails. Additionally, it's a good idea to have panniers to carry your food and daily luggage. Carrying an ample water supply is always important (I always carry two one-liter bottles).


What did you like most about the trip?

The geology of Cabo de Gata is spectacular, with a mix of volcanic formations that meet the sea, along with sedimentary formations. All of this has been carved by waves and wind, resulting in a landscape that is difficult to imagine.

Another pleasant surprise that I didn't expect was the delicious and abundant tapas served in bars throughout the province of Almería.



How did you prepare your bike and equipment for the trip?

I took my bike to a workshop before leaving home to have the chain replaced and the brakes adjusted. As for the equipment, I checked the weather forecast on www.meteoblue.com and chose the appropriate clothing for the expected temperature.


What do you think is the best time to take this trip?

In summer, it can get very hot and crowded, and since it's a Natural Park with few towns and accommodations, they can easily fill up. As the climate is very mild in winter, almost any other time of the year is good in terms of temperature.


What did you learn during your bicycle trip?

I learned that not all of the Andalusian coast is heavily developed; there are beautiful, wild areas. I discovered that there are volcanoes on the mainland (I thought they were only in the Canary Islands) and that Almería serves excellent tapas!


Would you recommend this bicycle trip to other travelers, and why?

Yes, moving around on a bicycle in a Natural Park is the best way to connect with the area. It's a much more respectful way to travel compared to driving a car, and it allows you to stop more frequently and fully enjoy each corner.



Is there any other interesting detail or story about the trip that you would like to share?

Near Las Negras, there's a cove with fresh water that can't be reached by car. You have to walk for about half an hour from the village. This has led some people to build cabins and restore the watchtowers that used to guard against pirates, creating a community living in the cove. The place is like an oasis, full of fruit trees, and has one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.


If you want to know or have more information about this trip, we leave you the link below with all the details:

▶ Cabo de Gata by bike

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