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S-cape Travel designs walking, cycling, cultural and food & wine tours in France, Greece, Italy, Spain and other European countries. We are specialists in organising self-guided programs, small group tours, family holidays and tailor-made experiences. Our unique programs feature gourmet food, excellent accommodations, natural parks and destinations of great beauty as well as cultural interest. 

Frank Houtstra, S-Cape Holland director

    At the age of 14 I did my first complete tour around IJsselmeer on my newspaper loop bike, and from that moment the cycling bug gripped me. Several times I devoured Wim Dussel's book 'What did I hang on my bike', about a group that in 1976 crossed America coast to coast by bike. After my studies in 1992, I came by chance on a job at the Bicycle Shop and guess what ... the owners had participated in the famous cycling adventure. It was meant to be! My first job was my dream job: to work with a fantastic team, with pleasure and confidence in the future!


Hetty Schuppert, S-Cape Greece director 


Greece is a fantastic country to explore on foot or by bike. Year round I explore new hikes and even after 20 years I am still happy to discover new opportunities for terrific trips.
The diversity in landscapes, the numerous islands scattered in the sea and the people I meet when I explore a new walk: every single time I am surprised with what Greece has to offer. My main drive is to share all this beauty with other people.That is why I also voluntarily organise, in addition to my work as director of S-Cape Greece, walks in & around Athens for the citizens of Athens.
I believe that this love for the Greek landscape is palpable in our trips in Greece.


Maria Knaapen, S-Cape Spain director


Ever since I first set foot in Spain, way back in 1988, I have been fascinated by the different landscapes this country has to offer. My first love was the mountain range Picos de Europe, in northern Spain, where I started doing field work as an anthropologist and ended up designing walking and cycling tours for a Dutch tour operator. Many more tours have followed since, but wherever I go, I have never been disappointed by the trails, the views, the culture, the food and the hospitality of each area. It’s a pleasure to be able to share my love and professional knowledge of this country with you. Please, be my guest!


Tullia Caballero, S-Cape Italy director


I am half-Italian, half-Spanish, and grew up in the UK, South America and Italy - thus I am a true Mediterranean with travel flowing in my blood.  After graduating as a translator I spent 4 months in Nepal which consolidated my passion for nature and the outdoors. In 1995 I worked for World Wildlife Fund in Italy, creating wildlife and hiking trips and after a few years I knew that this was what I wanted to do.  I love my job because I call having fun and enjoying life going hiking, cycling, tasting amazing food and wine, meeting inspiring people and making lasting friendships as I scout and develop trips that make people happy. I have walked and cycled all over Italy and I love to share my first-hand knowledge with others, so let me help you choose the best adventure for you.

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