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Accommodation has been chosen for its location and charm
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Comfort Level

Comfort is an arbitrary thing, so in general we choose the European "star" system as a basic guide line, but this system gives no indication of the feeling you get out of a place, the way you are welcomed or what the views and general surroundings are like.  Thus we have given our own grading taking into consideration both the official rating, but also our own feeling about the place

The accommodation has been chosen for its style, local character, location and charm and in quite a few places there is also a swimming pool.

In general the accommodation we stay at all have private en-suite bathrooms and are officially rated 3* if it is a hotel, or it is a 3* equivalent when we stay in agriturismo (farms) or B&B, We also use some 4 star properties and in some specific occasions we use 2 star. On some rare and justified occasions the rooms have shared bathrooms or we use hostels/mountain huts with dorms - this is clearly indicated in the individual information sheet for each trip 

For example we will rate as "comfort Level 3" a place that has a great atmosphere, nice surroundings or a warm and friendly welcome even if it is officially rated 2 star, because the rooms are simple

 Simple accommodation, often with multiple rooms like huts, cottages or guesthouses. Sometimes with bunk beds and often with shared bathrooms. All camping trips fall into this category.

 Simple to good inns, small family hotels, B&Bs and agriturismo (farmsteads), generally with private bathroom. Often chosen for its excellent location in relation to the itinerary.

 Good hotels, inns, B&B, agriturismo (farmstead) with ensuite private bathroom, often well located and serving good meals

 Special hotel with excellent food, ambience and service. Accommodation with a special touch.

 Luxury hotel with excellent food, ambience and service.

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