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Find your perfect trip!
Find your perfect trip!

Meet our team

Behind each trip there is a dedicated team. Product developers, reservation managers, documentation writers, marketing and web maintainers and accountants. We are all here to provide you with the ultimate walking or hiking experience. Learn more about our team!


  Frank Houtstra, S-Cape Netherlands director


At the age of 14 I did my first complete tour around IJsselmeer on my newspaper loop bike, and from that moment the cycling bug gripped me. Several times I devoured Wim Dussel's book 'What did I hang on my bike', about a group that in 1976 crossed America coast to coast by bike. After my studies in 1992, I came by chance on a job at the Bicycle Shop and guess what ... the owners had participated in the famous cycling adventure. It was meant to be! My first job was my dream job: to work with a fantastic team, with pleasure and confidence in the future! 

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Greece flag Hetty Schuppert, S-Cape Greece director


Greece is a fantastic country to explore on foot or by bike. Year round I explore new hikes and even after 20 years I am still happy to discover new opportunities for terrific trips.

The diversity in landscapes, the numerous islands scattered in the sea and the people I meet when I explore a new walk: every single time I am surprised with what Greece has to offer. My main drive is to share all this beauty with other people.That is why I also voluntarily organise, in addition to my work as director of S-Cape Greece, walks in & around Athens for the citizens of Athens. I believe that this love for the Greek landscape is palpable in our trips in Greece.

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Spain flag Maria Knaapen, S-Cape Spain director


Ever since I first set foot in Spain, way back in 1988, I have been fascinated by the different landscapes this country has to offer. My first love was the mountain range Picos de Europe, in northern Spain, where I started doing field work as an anthropologist and ended up designing walking and cycling tours for a Dutch tour operator. Many more tours have followed since, but wherever I go, I have never been disappointed by the trails, the views, the culture, the food and the hospitality of each area. It’s a pleasure to be able to share my love and professional knowledge of this country with you. Please, be my guest!

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   Tullia Caballero, S-Cape Italy director


Being half-Italian, half-Spanish, and raised in the UK, South America, and Italy, I embody the spirit of a true Mediterranean, with a lifelong passion for travel running in my veins. My journey began with a degree in translation, but a transformative four-month sojourn in Nepal ignited my deep-seated love for nature and the great outdoors. In 1995, I joined the World Wildlife Fund in Italy, designing wildlife and hiking excursions. This experience cemented my desire to pursue this path. My job is a joyous blend of hiking, cycling, indulging in exquisite food and wine, encountering inspiring individuals, and building enduring friendships, all while scouting and crafting trips that bring happiness to others. Having explored Italy extensively on foot and by bike, my first-hand experiences are treasures I eagerly share, guiding you to choose the perfect adventure.

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France flag

  Arjan Capelle, S-Cape France director


It’s no coincidence that since 17 years I live in the most visited country of the world. The diversity of the country, its cultural heritage, the gastronomical delights and its proud habitants make me feel so much at home. As an hotelier by schooling and trade I tried to give all this to my guests, but as part of the S-Cape Travel team I can finally let you discover so much more: France has it all! 

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Mark Sandamas, S-Cape United Kingdom director


My involvement in activities has taken me all over the UK, many parts of Europe and further afield. From cycling around Sri Lanka, competing in the Race Around Ireland, to running Hut to Hut in the Australian Alps, I feel so lucky that there’s little distinction between work and play. 

Other staff in United Kingdom

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